Do you believe in the paranormal?

The paranormal is a topic which never truly goes away. It is one that has been speculated about for many, many years in some form or another; angels, demons, fairies, the Grim Reaper, witches, ghosts, vampires, werewolves, zombies, aliens and arguably the most popular; God. But why are we so desperate to believe in something which science cannot explain?
Do you believe in the paranormal?

As a tour guide at Auld Reekie Tours (a ghost tour company which takes people into one of the most “haunted” places in the world) the above question is one I so often get asked. Throughout this post I’m going to be exploring my beliefs, looking at both sides of the argument.

Waitress by day, tour guide by night; this is where I have spent many of my evenings:

Most Haunted called it one of the most paranormally active places they have ever filmed in. Every day and night people pay up to £12 for a visit here and there’s no doubting that strange things have happened on many tours. Some people have captured unexplained mist, orbs and objects in their photos, some people have come out of the vaults with weird scratch marks and many people claim they have felt a brushing past their cheek or hair, the prodding in their back or have glimpsed a dark figure at the end of the corridor. On occasion people begin to feel breathless upon entering the vaults and may even faint.
But is this down to the presence of the paranormal? Or trick of the human mind?

Anybody who has seen or heard of Derren Brown will know how easily manipulated the human mind can be and the man has an explanation for just about everything paranormal. And when you think about it, there isn’t really any hard evidence that ghosts exist.
I’ve worked in “one of the most haunted places in the world” for almost 9 months now. That equates to many visits, many chances to see something out of the ordinary. And what have I seen? Nothing. Not as such. I’ve seen a couple of moving shadows and heard some strange noises but it is dark and it is a weird atmosphere in which you are speaking about ghosts. Your mind is bound to jump to conclusions and play tricks on you. The fear you get from stepping into a place such as the vaults doesn’t come from “sensing presences”. It comes from something rooted deep inside the human mind and body. It comes from instinct.
Stepping into an unusual place, a dark place, a place you have heard could be dangerous, your senses instantly begin to heighten. You hear things which usually your mind would ignore, you see things that aren’t there and you mistake the prickling of your skin in a draught for something brushing past you. This is your body in survival mode, stealthy and aware of your surroundings like you are a caveman in a darkened forest, keeping low from predators.
This is exactly what happens when you enter the vaults. I know, because I’ve experienced it. And no matter how sceptical you may be, it takes you a while to get used to a place like that. Even though a lot of the time on the tours we are telling second-hand stories, things we have not experienced ourselves but have been told others have witnessed, the belief of your group is sometimes enough to almost convince you as well. And when somebody points to the vast empty corridor behind you and says “I just saw a dark shape moving up there” it doesn’t matter how much of a non-believer you are, your heart will still jump into your throat and you nervously finish your sentence before ushering your group on to another section of the vaults. In situations such as this we are programmed into feeling scared. The adrenaline from which is supposed to kick us into fight or flight response.

Therefore I can understand why people feel they have had a paranormal experience (when indeed they’ve had a very human one) but just about everything that happens on these tours and on programmes such as Most Haunted, can be explained and do have rational reasons for occurring.
So this takes me back to my earlier question; why are we so desperate to believe in something which may or may not exist?
Both curiosity and fear play a major role in our seeking of paranormal beings. Humans, by nature, are curious and are forever on a mission to explain the unexplained. Also, a large majority of us are scared of death. Why? Because it’s unknown about what happens afterwards. I, myself, am no stranger to this fear. It’s a fear which drives many people to become religious and to search for proof of the afterlife. Both of which, give people comfort.
But religion and belief in the afterlife aren’t for everyone. I, myself, find it hard to believe in something which there is no proof of. Trying to believe in it creates the same feelings I had of Santa as I started to get older and wiser. I desperately wanted to believe he existed but the whole thing was so implausible and sketchy.
I used to be a lot more open-minded about the afterlife but working in the vaults has been like finding out “Santa” has gone and used the same Christmas paper as Mum and Dad. I am still quite open-minded but I’ll never look at these ghost programmes in the same way again and I will never, ever believe a medium.

Life is amazing but it is short. Too short to spend the majority of your time wondering about the afterlife and doing good deeds in a selfish attempt to get to “Heaven”. I hope that we all come back in some form or another but I’m not going to waste too much of my time procrastinating over it because if we do only get one life, I don’t want to waste it worrying about what’s going to happen after.
(But don’t stop coming on ghost tours, or me and my friends will be out of a job.)

So go out and live! I’m off to the museum.

Rachael x

P.S- I’d be interested in hearing your responses. Do you believe in the paranormal?

Doing some “doss” tour-guiding; 


"Any woman who wants to stay beautiful needs to diet every day of her life"

Is there anybody more ignorant than Samantha Brick? I wish she’d hit herself in the face with the object mentioned in her surname. The 42 year old self-proclaimed “beautiful” journalist published an article today titled “Joan Collins is right. Any woman who wants to stay beautiful (like me!) needs to diet every day of her life.”
Any time I read something this woman writes I find it difficult to contain my anger.
The article begins with Brick confessing to binning a box of expensive French chocolates, given to her by a friend she had invited over to dinner. Well this is enough evidence for me to prove that Brick isn’t a nice person. It also makes me wonder how she has any friends left to invite to dinner. The only explanation must be that they are as vacuous as her.
She then goes on to explain that she has been on a permanent diet for the past 30 years. She denies herself cakes, chocolate, sweets and other fatty foods. And her reason? Because “men like slim women.” This is a very generalised statement and not altogether true. Different men like different sizes of women and if a man can’t see past your size, then he isn’t worth being with anyway. Mind you, Brick obviously has a terrible personality and so this must have left her with no option than to use her looks to try and attract men. Her current husband has even told her that if she puts on weight, he will divorce her. Must be true love then…
Although Brick has been as small as a size 8, she is now a size 12 but still describes herself as “thin” and “beautiful”. Although size 12 is an average, healthy size it is not what exactly what I’d describe as thin. And sorry, love but you aren’t that good-looking. The fact that you’re extremely arrogant as well, makes you even less attractive.
I cannot begin to imagine what my life would be like if I denied myself the same foods as Brick. Chocolate has many health benefits; it releases endorphins, is proven to help towards a healthy heart and can even prevent diabetes. Eating sweet treats and fine foods is one of life’s simplest pleasures so when you think about it, it’s no wonder Samantha Brick is a miserable cow.
In a world where young women are under constant pressure by magazines, TV, film and online advertising to be thin, Brick is adding to the problem. At least 1.1million people in the UK are affected by an eating disorder. I find it mind-boggling that in a first world country, where there is plenty of money and food, there are people starving themselves out of choice due to the stress put on them by society.
I am no stranger of the pressures to be thin. I think it is something every woman goes through nowadays at least once in her life. What you have to realise though is that people come in all shapes and sizes and it’s important to find a happy, healthy medium which isn’t too much on one side of the scale or the other. As long as you are comfortable in your own skin then there will be people who love you and they will love you for the right reasons, no matter if you have cellulite or “wobbly bits” (both of which are perfectly natural).
Both Nigella Lawson and Gillian Mckeith are 53. One eats what she likes and the other basically only eats rabbit food. One looks beautiful, healthy and happy and the other looks like a skeletal pensioner. The link there, I’d say is pretty clear. You do not need to diet every day of your life if you want to stay beautiful (and I’m guessing here that Brick’s idea of beautiful is not being fat). I am a size 10. I eat what I want and I don’t do ridiculous amounts of exercise and I’m fine with my shape.
As long as you’re happy and healthy and have everything in moderation, then it doesn’t matter what size you are so don’t let an ignorant bimbo try to convince you otherwise.

Robertson and Smith Photograpy

I recently did a bridal shoot with Robertson and Smith Photography which incorporates Amanda Robertson and Ian Smith. The shoot was to advertise the amazing Newbattle Abbey College as a wedding venue and also to advertise the beautiful dresses from Emma Roy of Edinburgh.
As my first bridal shoot, I enjoyed doing something different and found it to be a great experience. Both Amanda and Ian are highly professional photographers with a range of creative ideas for making their photographs stand out. I was grateful of the opportunity to be involved in such a wonderful shoot with many creative others. As always, I’ve attached some photos to this post.


Mairi Brunning Millinery

A few weeks ago I did a photoshoot for Mairi Brunning Millinery. For hats, fascinators and jewellery please check out Mairi’s website.
It was a great photoshoot and I’d like to thank Mairi for giving me the opportunity to model for her beautiful products.
Also please check out Photographer, Carolyn Henry who took the photos for the shoot. With experience mostly in wedding photography and now in fashion, Carolyn is professional, efficient and has a keen eye for detail in her photography and works wonders with Mairi on shooting her products.

Hoping to be able to shoot with them both again soon! 🙂


An update since the last update and a lot on Vegetarianism

Hello to anyone out there!
It’s been a long time since I’ve written on here and so there are many things to write about so brace yourselves for a long blog…

Since I last wrote a blog, I turned 20 on the 18th of August. No longer a teen, which I must admit, scares me a bit but I still feel about 18. And I suppose that’s the important thing- the age you feel, not the age you are. I had a quiet but nice birthday- mum was staying with me in Edinburgh with friend, Susie and so they treated me to a Cafe breakfast and presents before they went back off to The Shire.
In the meantime, the boyfriend went out to get me my presents (talk about last-minute). After receiving said presents, we went to Jekyll & Hyde as it was his and Gregor’s fringe show (Applause). Went well, went to Hard Rock Cafe with Robin, had some lovely food then went to bed.

Moved flat
I moved out of the flat at Dalry road as it was a horrible flat and I hated living with two boys and moved into a nice flat, closer to the Royal Mile and Princes St, in a quieter area and near the lovely Holyrood Park. Since then, Robin’s flat went on fire and then he moved in with me, in my nice clean, non-fire hazardous flat.

In September I became a Pescetarian for about a month before becoming fully vegetarian. It was something I’d been wanting to do for a long time, mostly just to see how I would cope. It’s been a lot easier than I thought it would be and now the idea of going back to eating meat makes me feel a bit weird. There are a few reasons for my always wanting to try it:

1) In the past couple of years I wasn’t eating much meat anyway. I mostly only ate chicken and fish and therefore I knew I would be able to live without it.
2) Because meat comes in packaging, all prepared for you to cook and eat, it’s easy to forget the source and the process into getting it on your supermarket shelf. I, personally, always found it easy to forget and wanted to forget that it was once an animal running around a field. However if everybody had to slaughter and prep the animal for themselves (as we used to do some years ago), I believe a lot more people would become vegetarian. I thought that if I wouldn’t be able to kill an animal myself then what gives me the right to eat meat, just because someone else has done all the hard work for me.
3) There are so many good alternatives for meat nowadays and I wish I tried them lot sooner. I know people don’t understand why others become vegetarian just to go on and eat meat-free products which taste similar to meat but after eating meat for almost 20 years you’re accustomed to the taste and need something other than vegetables to make a nice chilli.
A lot of the meat-free alternatives are so good that a meat-eater wouldn’t know the difference. You can have the taste but not the guilt, and so that’s good enough for me.
4) I like animals. A lot. In fact I would say I relate more to animals, and find them more likable than humans. And so I guess you could say I felt like a bit of a hypocrite. I don’t think it’s right to call yourself an animal lover and yet eat meat. I know certain species are bred to be eaten but I feel like an animals life is worth more than a humans 30 minutes of fulfilment from eating it.
Also how do we draw the line? If somebody started breeding dogs or horses in the UK and then slaughtering them and selling them for meat here, can you imagine how much of an uproar there would be? I know these animals are more typical pets than sheep, pigs and cows but I fail to see how it’s any different.

Anyway my aim is not to sound preachy because if everybody became vegetarian, we might run out of vegetables. Also I’ve no right to preach to anyone about this because I used to eat meat myself, and I used to think vegetarians were crazy (now I just think vegans are). I understand that humans are a superior race and I suppose in a way we’ve earned our right to kill and eat what we want because we’re intelligent and we’ve managed to make the tools for it to be possible but that’s as a collective human race, not individually.
I also know it’s just the circle of life (and remembering about the circle of life is the only thing that keeps me from welling up every time a lion kills an antelope on a wildlife documentary) but all I’m saying is that eating meat is no longer for me and I wish I became vegetarian a long time ago.
I also want to say that if you’ve ever thought about being a veggie then just try it. You have to get a lot more creative with your meals but as a result you discover lots of nice, new things. And if you don’t like it, then just go back. No harm done.
What do I  miss the most? Bacon and seafood (the latter surprises me because I didn’t eat much of it when I was omnivorous) but the smell of bacon cooking is definitely the most torturous thing. Still, I haven’t caved and for that I’m proud of myself.

ChristmasAfter a few German carol singing sessions at work, I went home (back to the land where time stands still) for Christmas. It was nice to see the family and the cat and dogs again. Saw the Snowman and the Snowdog on Christmas Eve. The music doesn’t compare to “Walking in the Air” (waaay, I rhymed) but a good little film all the same.
I had a quiet one with my mum and my brother, visiting my dad and his girlfriend in the morning. It didn’t feel like Christmas. Partly because there was no snow but partly because the year had gone so fast. Also I guess Christmas loses it’s magic a bit as you get older and things change.
It was a Christmas of firsts. First proper Christmas in our wee flat and my first Vegetarian Christmas. It was pretty much like a normal Christmas meal but instead I had meat-free chicken and meat-free stuffing and then all the veggies on the side. It was good, except my veggie gravy was a bit salty.
Our Christmas begins with opening a stocking from “Santa” and then waiting until after Christmas dinner to open the presents under the tree, one by one. It makes the day last longer and is just a bit of a tradition amongst our family I suppose. We spent the night chilling out, watching films and eating stuff. I only had a couple of drinks.
I was truly spoilt (spoilt is a funny word. I think I’ve looked at it for too long) both with food and presents. A lovely day.

New Years EveI spent Hogmanay the same as the year previous, with Robin at his parents house (in another long-forgotten about, middle of nowhere place). Except this time I was laden with a nasty cold and so was glad to stay in and watch TV by the fire. It was still a wild night though. I drank a whole bottle of VK and we completed a Harry Potter PS3 game within 3 hours! Mental.
I stayed in Neverneverneverland for a few days (partly because buses are stupid during the festive period) and played board games with the other half and his parents, drank wine, and had lots of laughs. I’d like to thank them for putting up with me and for tending to my special needs (the need to not eat meat. I’m both mentally and physically sound…I think).

After a few days there it was home for a couple more before going back to Edinburgh and back to work (now a measly 2-3 shifts a week).
So I’m searching for a new job. Anything acting/modelling-based will do but of course I need a stable job that’ll pay me money too. I’m hoping to get more into the creative side of things this year and aim to do more acting and modelling. I’m also trying to write a book. I’ve been trying for ages. I always lose my motivation but I actually have an idea this time so you never know, it might just work.
Failing all this I’d love to do some animal sanctuary type work OR become a Nigella Lawson-esque chef. Watch this space.

In my spare time I’ve been watching Grey’s Anatomy, The Big Bang Theory, cleaning and becoming re-addicted to Skyrim. I need to get out more.
P.s- Life of Pi is an incredible film. It’s what 3D was made for. I highly recommend it. I also really recommend Skyfall.
P.p.s- If you like a laugh, then keep up to date with stand-up boyfriend Robin and his upcoming gigs.

See below a recent modelling photo for a Marie Antoinette themed shoot. Make-up by the fabulous Loren Owen.

I’m off now because I’m bored (and so, probably, are you).

Goodnight, g’day and arrivederci.x

Filming, photoshoots, Edinburgh and a new job!

It has been a nearly two months since I have blogged so I thought I’d just let you know what I’ve been up to!

Filming with Noble Brothers Productions- Call of Babylon
In June I finished my scenes for the upcoming Noble Brothers Feature Film “Call of Babylon”. It was a minor speaking role but good to film with NBP again and to be tortured in an NBP film again and to die in an NBP film again. My scenes consisted mostly of looking business-like and getting hit and stabbed. It was fun. I definitely hope I can make it along to the Premiere at the end of this year because NBP films get better and better all the time. Check out the teaser trailer here!
Photoshoot with Waterdesiresfire
In June I also had a photoshoot with Waterdesiresfire Photography. (All of my modelling work including photos from this shoot can be found on my Flickr). This was only my fourth shoot so I was bit apprehensive but it was a good day and we got some good shots;


I moved to Edinburgh recently because it is a lovely city and to live with my lovely boyfriend who has come here for Stand-Up Comedy reasons. The flat isn’t so lovely but I guess that’s what you get when you leave boys in charge of flat hunting. Also you get what you pay for and it is a cheap flat. Still not all that worth what we’re paying though as there seems to be problem after problem. So I am currently looking for a nicer flat. Anyway, rant over, I’ve been here about a month and a half, drunk a bit, been to comedy gigs, shopped, had a photoshoot and job hunted.

Thomas Maxwell Rodger Photography PhotoshootI recently had a photoshoot in Edinburgh with Thomas Maxwell Rodger. The theme was Glamour vs Grime/Grunge etc so essentially taking elegant looking shots in the dirty, unattractive streets of Edinburgh. Thomas made me feel really comfortable and as a result, along with his pretty good directing skills, we got some really good shots. As I said earlier, all of my photos are on Flickr so do check them out but until then;

Filming- The Books of Crowe
I’ve been continuing the vampire role of Angelica in web series The Books of Crowe. It’s been fun so far (and at times a bit draining- as with a lot of filming) and hopefully the first episode will be available to view soon. The writing is brilliant so do contact George Elder if you ever find yourself in need of hiring a Freelance Writer.

New Job!
After about a month or so of looking I finally got a job as a summer tour guide at Auld Reekie Tours after an audition. I have just completed my two weeks of training and will be tested on Monday. It has been quite interesting, demanding (and scary at times) so far but I’m hoping I’ll pass and looking forward to working over the fringe there if I do pass. I feel this has been a good career-choice for me as it is still a job along the lines of what I want to do as it is a performance job. As I’ve had about 6 scripts to learn, it is also keeping my brain active and I think it should be fun.
Wish me luck for my test next week! I’ll be sure to update about how it went.

Anyway that’s about it for now- just quick update.
Check back later for more blog posts.

-Rachael x

Shoots, Shows & Sun (an update)

Hey people. It’s been a good while since I’ve blogged and a fair bit has happened since so thought I’d update you all. “All” being my thousands of (zero) followers…

I had my first paid photoshoot a month or so ago in the style of damsel in distress/action heroin/vampiress. Minus the uncomfy clothes, (I’m so glad corsets aren’t a necessity nowadays) it was fun to mess around in front of the camera and be paid for it. And the finished photos (using photoshop for backgrounds) look pretty cool too;
Overall it was a brilliant day.

HND End Of Year Show
For Langside HND end of year show, we performed three short plays by French playwrights:

A Slap in the Farce- Eugéne Labiche
Sganarelle– Jean-Baptiste Molière
The Forced Marriage- Jean-Baptiste Molière

I played the character of Célie in Sganarelle which was relatively demanding as she hardly appeared on stage where she wasn’t angry or crying. After only a couple of weeks of rehearsals our group was feeling drained and couldn’t wait for the set to go up (I was beginning to tire with miming doors). About a week and a half before the show we got the kick up the proverbial we needed to motivate us by being told we were (in many more words) crap. I think we felt like we had a lot of time to rehearse, considering Sganarelle was just a 20 minute play, and we were waiting for “the fear” which comes to you the week of the show when you still aren’t sure of your lines.
By the week of the show, the set was up, costume was on and dress rehearsals were done.

We opened on Thursday night to a decent sized audience and it went the best it had gone so far. The audience laughed and clapped and seemed to enjoy themselves. Job done. I got home at about 10.30pm, ate something or other and went online for a bit before beddy bye’s.
We didn’t have to be in until late Friday afternoon so I enjoyed a lovely lie-in before getting ready to make my way to Langside College for my last ever college show. I shared a train with Kyle (not a whole train) and we spoke about how crazily quick the year had gone before getting to college to have a great warm-up with former voice tutor Lorna. Morale was high and we went on to deliver a great show (I hope). It was good to see some familiar faces in the crowd. Afterwards we went through to the dance studio to drink champagne and sing along to Frank Sinatra- My Way, which was a bit emotional. My mum and her friend, Susie, wangled their way backstage to exclaim the show was “FUCKIN’ AAAA!” before taking a photo of everybody:

I said bye to them as they were going out to do grown-up things such as; speaking to everybody in RP accents, following police cars to nosey about a stab scene and going to pubs and casinos, pretending they worked for The BBC/Telegraph and Daily Mail.

I got back into normal clothes, collected my stuff and met Hannah. We then went back to her oddly-shaped hotel room and drank until midnight whilst getting ready for the after party at Chambre 69. We tottered off there sometime after 00:00 in our high heels, sipping wine from plastic bottles which we had to bin before we went into the club; “Manage to get rid of your cranberry juice, love?”.
Free entry thanks to Skye’s dad.
We got inside and managed to find the fellow actors, despite how dark it was. It was a bit cramped but we were having fun. Until the fire alarm went off. We hauled ass outside and stood about in the cold for aaaaaaaaages. At least it was quiet enough to have a chat and take some photos. By the time the firemen (they weren’t hot- we checked) had cleared the building, it was home time for me and a few others. We bid farewell and I got a chippy (King Rib Supper) and staggered home before sitting on my bed and devouring it. I slept. I then travelled the next day (very hungover) back to  beloved Tarland in the ‘shire with Mum and Susie.

Filming: Noble Brothers Productions- Call of Babylon
Monday 21st of May was a lovely hot day. I helped mum garden. We planted Peas, Garlic, Onions, Potatoes, Lettuce, Broccoli, Spinach and probably some other stuff I forgot. This took up the whole afternoon.
I then went back home to get ready for an evening of filming (not much preparation involved considering I had to look “bashed about” for the scene).
I met the Noble Brothers and co in Tarland Square (Graeme’s favourite square) and we drove out to a friends to use her garage for my character, Helen’s, torture scene.
By the end of the night I was covered in fake blood and dirt but it was good to be back working with the group again and getting some well missed doses of Graeme Noble sarcasm.
Call of Babylon– stay tuned!


Filming: George Elder- The Books of Crowe
After a week of GLORIOUS sun and mum’s birthday (we had a lovely day at the garden centre, lunching and buying plants and then went out with Sean for tea) I went back to Glasgow on Friday to film for the first time playing vampire Angelica for The Books of Crowe. The bus was late so I didn’t have a lot of time once getting into Glasgow to transform myself into a vampire before getting the train to Paisley. I had never been to Paisley before but have heard a lot of negative things about it. However the part that I was in seemed nice. Maybe the sun was deceiving my perception though.
We had a few read-throughs at the community hall place that we were filming then found some good locations and got to work. It was a bit too hot to be dressed in a corset but I felt more sorry for co-star, Jon, who had to wear a very rubbery mask to transform into Demon, Osric. We gave up early due to heat and exhaustion but got some good shots and a whole scene done.

Aberdeen College HNC Final Production
I stayed in Glasgow until Monday, walking about in the sun and getting a tan (and maybe slight sunburn). I also bought a Banksy canvass and went for a swim at Whitehill community pool. I hadn’t been swimming in ages and at first I thought I had forgotten how to but I soon got the hang of it. Must make it a regular thing as it highlighted just how unfit I am.
On Monday I got the Megabus into Aberdeen. I was then planning on getting 2 connecting busses out to the boyfriend’s but as the Megabus was late, I missed them and had to bus out to Banff and be picked up by his lovely mum.
I stayed at Robin’s until Thursday. It was a lovely few days of laughter, food, films and alcohol. We watched Extras, The BFG and American Psycho. We wished it was sunny because we wanted a BBQ but the sun never came.
On Thursday afternoon we got two busses out to Aberdeen and went to Robin’s Nanabear’s where Grant came over for a catch-up. We ate and drank and then myself and Robin met Hannah at Gallowgate college to see the HNC’s Final Production.
The year I left Aberdeen College, the Performing Arts part got moved to the main college so everything was different and shiny and new. The theatre was much alike the one at The Lemon Tree (which we performed at in the previous year) only smaller. It would have been nice if they, too, got to perform at The Lemon Tree as this one seemed a bit too squishy.
The HNC’s put on a good performance that was captivating and enjoyable. It was good seeing how they have progressed since the previous year. I wish I could have gone the next day too to see the other cast. It made me very reminiscent of my HNC final production. I wish we could do it again!
Robin and I walked back to his Nanabear’s and drank some more before beddy bye’s as he was off early in the morning to move to Edinburgh! I’ll be joining him and Dusty there next week.

Strachan School Fundraiser
I went out to Dad’s that Friday with his girlfriend, Jacquie. On the Saturday evening we went to my Uncle and Auntie’s house as they were hosting a Fundraiser for their local school.
It was good to see family I hadn’t seen in ages and there was a lot of booze and nibbly things on offer. I danced to the The Macarena and The Cha Cha Slide (resulting in stomach muscle injury) and probably looked like a loser but had fun. A lot of money was raised and 100 bottles of champagne (plus various other types of alcohol) were drunk. Good effort Deesiders/Donsiders!
The next day I suffered a hangover and then went home to Tarland and continued to suffer.

Me pulling some ace moves with my daddy and Granny (whom I call Nanny) x

Well that’s about it for now. Since then I’ve just been pottering about the house and falling over in the woods whilst walking my dogs. Clumsy as always. I’ve also been saving baby birds from the death grip of my cat, Stig. My work is never done!
I got invited to an audition which is tomorrow for a play in Glasgow. Unfortunately it was all a bit short notice and I’m not planning to go back to Glasgow until next week. I also never recieved the script so I won’t be attending. A shame because I would have liked to go. Oh well.
Next week I’ve got a few more scenes to film with NBP, a possible photoshoot with waterdesiresfire (weather dependant) and a day out at Codonas with Louise before going back to Glasgow to sort stuff for moving! Edinburgh here I come!!

Thanks for reading. Continue to do so.

Rachael x

P.s- Do check out Robin and Gregor’s fringe show; Applause