Shoots, Shows & Sun (an update)

Hey people. It’s been a good while since I’ve blogged and a fair bit has happened since so thought I’d update you all. “All” being my thousands of (zero) followers…

I had my first paid photoshoot a month or so ago in the style of damsel in distress/action heroin/vampiress. Minus the uncomfy clothes, (I’m so glad corsets aren’t a necessity nowadays) it was fun to mess around in front of the camera and be paid for it. And the finished photos (using photoshop for backgrounds) look pretty cool too;
Overall it was a brilliant day.

HND End Of Year Show
For Langside HND end of year show, we performed three short plays by French playwrights:

A Slap in the Farce- Eugéne Labiche
Sganarelle– Jean-Baptiste Molière
The Forced Marriage- Jean-Baptiste Molière

I played the character of Célie in Sganarelle which was relatively demanding as she hardly appeared on stage where she wasn’t angry or crying. After only a couple of weeks of rehearsals our group was feeling drained and couldn’t wait for the set to go up (I was beginning to tire with miming doors). About a week and a half before the show we got the kick up the proverbial we needed to motivate us by being told we were (in many more words) crap. I think we felt like we had a lot of time to rehearse, considering Sganarelle was just a 20 minute play, and we were waiting for “the fear” which comes to you the week of the show when you still aren’t sure of your lines.
By the week of the show, the set was up, costume was on and dress rehearsals were done.

We opened on Thursday night to a decent sized audience and it went the best it had gone so far. The audience laughed and clapped and seemed to enjoy themselves. Job done. I got home at about 10.30pm, ate something or other and went online for a bit before beddy bye’s.
We didn’t have to be in until late Friday afternoon so I enjoyed a lovely lie-in before getting ready to make my way to Langside College for my last ever college show. I shared a train with Kyle (not a whole train) and we spoke about how crazily quick the year had gone before getting to college to have a great warm-up with former voice tutor Lorna. Morale was high and we went on to deliver a great show (I hope). It was good to see some familiar faces in the crowd. Afterwards we went through to the dance studio to drink champagne and sing along to Frank Sinatra- My Way, which was a bit emotional. My mum and her friend, Susie, wangled their way backstage to exclaim the show was “FUCKIN’ AAAA!” before taking a photo of everybody:

I said bye to them as they were going out to do grown-up things such as; speaking to everybody in RP accents, following police cars to nosey about a stab scene and going to pubs and casinos, pretending they worked for The BBC/Telegraph and Daily Mail.

I got back into normal clothes, collected my stuff and met Hannah. We then went back to her oddly-shaped hotel room and drank until midnight whilst getting ready for the after party at Chambre 69. We tottered off there sometime after 00:00 in our high heels, sipping wine from plastic bottles which we had to bin before we went into the club; “Manage to get rid of your cranberry juice, love?”.
Free entry thanks to Skye’s dad.
We got inside and managed to find the fellow actors, despite how dark it was. It was a bit cramped but we were having fun. Until the fire alarm went off. We hauled ass outside and stood about in the cold for aaaaaaaaages. At least it was quiet enough to have a chat and take some photos. By the time the firemen (they weren’t hot- we checked) had cleared the building, it was home time for me and a few others. We bid farewell and I got a chippy (King Rib Supper) and staggered home before sitting on my bed and devouring it. I slept. I then travelled the next day (very hungover) back to  beloved Tarland in the ‘shire with Mum and Susie.

Filming: Noble Brothers Productions- Call of Babylon
Monday 21st of May was a lovely hot day. I helped mum garden. We planted Peas, Garlic, Onions, Potatoes, Lettuce, Broccoli, Spinach and probably some other stuff I forgot. This took up the whole afternoon.
I then went back home to get ready for an evening of filming (not much preparation involved considering I had to look “bashed about” for the scene).
I met the Noble Brothers and co in Tarland Square (Graeme’s favourite square) and we drove out to a friends to use her garage for my character, Helen’s, torture scene.
By the end of the night I was covered in fake blood and dirt but it was good to be back working with the group again and getting some well missed doses of Graeme Noble sarcasm.
Call of Babylon– stay tuned!


Filming: George Elder- The Books of Crowe
After a week of GLORIOUS sun and mum’s birthday (we had a lovely day at the garden centre, lunching and buying plants and then went out with Sean for tea) I went back to Glasgow on Friday to film for the first time playing vampire Angelica for The Books of Crowe. The bus was late so I didn’t have a lot of time once getting into Glasgow to transform myself into a vampire before getting the train to Paisley. I had never been to Paisley before but have heard a lot of negative things about it. However the part that I was in seemed nice. Maybe the sun was deceiving my perception though.
We had a few read-throughs at the community hall place that we were filming then found some good locations and got to work. It was a bit too hot to be dressed in a corset but I felt more sorry for co-star, Jon, who had to wear a very rubbery mask to transform into Demon, Osric. We gave up early due to heat and exhaustion but got some good shots and a whole scene done.

Aberdeen College HNC Final Production
I stayed in Glasgow until Monday, walking about in the sun and getting a tan (and maybe slight sunburn). I also bought a Banksy canvass and went for a swim at Whitehill community pool. I hadn’t been swimming in ages and at first I thought I had forgotten how to but I soon got the hang of it. Must make it a regular thing as it highlighted just how unfit I am.
On Monday I got the Megabus into Aberdeen. I was then planning on getting 2 connecting busses out to the boyfriend’s but as the Megabus was late, I missed them and had to bus out to Banff and be picked up by his lovely mum.
I stayed at Robin’s until Thursday. It was a lovely few days of laughter, food, films and alcohol. We watched Extras, The BFG and American Psycho. We wished it was sunny because we wanted a BBQ but the sun never came.
On Thursday afternoon we got two busses out to Aberdeen and went to Robin’s Nanabear’s where Grant came over for a catch-up. We ate and drank and then myself and Robin met Hannah at Gallowgate college to see the HNC’s Final Production.
The year I left Aberdeen College, the Performing Arts part got moved to the main college so everything was different and shiny and new. The theatre was much alike the one at The Lemon Tree (which we performed at in the previous year) only smaller. It would have been nice if they, too, got to perform at The Lemon Tree as this one seemed a bit too squishy.
The HNC’s put on a good performance that was captivating and enjoyable. It was good seeing how they have progressed since the previous year. I wish I could have gone the next day too to see the other cast. It made me very reminiscent of my HNC final production. I wish we could do it again!
Robin and I walked back to his Nanabear’s and drank some more before beddy bye’s as he was off early in the morning to move to Edinburgh! I’ll be joining him and Dusty there next week.

Strachan School Fundraiser
I went out to Dad’s that Friday with his girlfriend, Jacquie. On the Saturday evening we went to my Uncle and Auntie’s house as they were hosting a Fundraiser for their local school.
It was good to see family I hadn’t seen in ages and there was a lot of booze and nibbly things on offer. I danced to the The Macarena and The Cha Cha Slide (resulting in stomach muscle injury) and probably looked like a loser but had fun. A lot of money was raised and 100 bottles of champagne (plus various other types of alcohol) were drunk. Good effort Deesiders/Donsiders!
The next day I suffered a hangover and then went home to Tarland and continued to suffer.

Me pulling some ace moves with my daddy and Granny (whom I call Nanny) x

Well that’s about it for now. Since then I’ve just been pottering about the house and falling over in the woods whilst walking my dogs. Clumsy as always. I’ve also been saving baby birds from the death grip of my cat, Stig. My work is never done!
I got invited to an audition which is tomorrow for a play in Glasgow. Unfortunately it was all a bit short notice and I’m not planning to go back to Glasgow until next week. I also never recieved the script so I won’t be attending. A shame because I would have liked to go. Oh well.
Next week I’ve got a few more scenes to film with NBP, a possible photoshoot with waterdesiresfire (weather dependant) and a day out at Codonas with Louise before going back to Glasgow to sort stuff for moving! Edinburgh here I come!!

Thanks for reading. Continue to do so.

Rachael x

P.s- Do check out Robin and Gregor’s fringe show; Applause


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