Filming, photoshoots, Edinburgh and a new job!

It has been a nearly two months since I have blogged so I thought I’d just let you know what I’ve been up to!

Filming with Noble Brothers Productions- Call of Babylon
In June I finished my scenes for the upcoming Noble Brothers Feature Film “Call of Babylon”. It was a minor speaking role but good to film with NBP again and to be tortured in an NBP film again and to die in an NBP film again. My scenes consisted mostly of looking business-like and getting hit and stabbed. It was fun. I definitely hope I can make it along to the Premiere at the end of this year because NBP films get better and better all the time. Check out the teaser trailer here!
Photoshoot with Waterdesiresfire
In June I also had a photoshoot with Waterdesiresfire Photography. (All of my modelling work including photos from this shoot can be found on my Flickr). This was only my fourth shoot so I was bit apprehensive but it was a good day and we got some good shots;


I moved to Edinburgh recently because it is a lovely city and to live with my lovely boyfriend who has come here for Stand-Up Comedy reasons. The flat isn’t so lovely but I guess that’s what you get when you leave boys in charge of flat hunting. Also you get what you pay for and it is a cheap flat. Still not all that worth what we’re paying though as there seems to be problem after problem. So I am currently looking for a nicer flat. Anyway, rant over, I’ve been here about a month and a half, drunk a bit, been to comedy gigs, shopped, had a photoshoot and job hunted.

Thomas Maxwell Rodger Photography PhotoshootI recently had a photoshoot in Edinburgh with Thomas Maxwell Rodger. The theme was Glamour vs Grime/Grunge etc so essentially taking elegant looking shots in the dirty, unattractive streets of Edinburgh. Thomas made me feel really comfortable and as a result, along with his pretty good directing skills, we got some really good shots. As I said earlier, all of my photos are on Flickr so do check them out but until then;

Filming- The Books of Crowe
I’ve been continuing the vampire role of Angelica in web series The Books of Crowe. It’s been fun so far (and at times a bit draining- as with a lot of filming) and hopefully the first episode will be available to view soon. The writing is brilliant so do contact George Elder if you ever find yourself in need of hiring a Freelance Writer.

New Job!
After about a month or so of looking I finally got a job as a summer tour guide at Auld Reekie Tours after an audition. I have just completed my two weeks of training and will be tested on Monday. It has been quite interesting, demanding (and scary at times) so far but I’m hoping I’ll pass and looking forward to working over the fringe there if I do pass. I feel this has been a good career-choice for me as it is still a job along the lines of what I want to do as it is a performance job. As I’ve had about 6 scripts to learn, it is also keeping my brain active and I think it should be fun.
Wish me luck for my test next week! I’ll be sure to update about how it went.

Anyway that’s about it for now- just quick update.
Check back later for more blog posts.

-Rachael x


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