An update since the last update and a lot on Vegetarianism

Hello to anyone out there!
It’s been a long time since I’ve written on here and so there are many things to write about so brace yourselves for a long blog…

Since I last wrote a blog, I turned 20 on the 18th of August. No longer a teen, which I must admit, scares me a bit but I still feel about 18. And I suppose that’s the important thing- the age you feel, not the age you are. I had a quiet but nice birthday- mum was staying with me in Edinburgh with friend, Susie and so they treated me to a Cafe breakfast and presents before they went back off to The Shire.
In the meantime, the boyfriend went out to get me my presents (talk about last-minute). After receiving said presents, we went to Jekyll & Hyde as it was his and Gregor’s fringe show (Applause). Went well, went to Hard Rock Cafe with Robin, had some lovely food then went to bed.

Moved flat
I moved out of the flat at Dalry road as it was a horrible flat and I hated living with two boys and moved into a nice flat, closer to the Royal Mile and Princes St, in a quieter area and near the lovely Holyrood Park. Since then, Robin’s flat went on fire and then he moved in with me, in my nice clean, non-fire hazardous flat.

In September I became a Pescetarian for about a month before becoming fully vegetarian. It was something I’d been wanting to do for a long time, mostly just to see how I would cope. It’s been a lot easier than I thought it would be and now the idea of going back to eating meat makes me feel a bit weird. There are a few reasons for my always wanting to try it:

1) In the past couple of years I wasn’t eating much meat anyway. I mostly only ate chicken and fish and therefore I knew I would be able to live without it.
2) Because meat comes in packaging, all prepared for you to cook and eat, it’s easy to forget the source and the process into getting it on your supermarket shelf. I, personally, always found it easy to forget and wanted to forget that it was once an animal running around a field. However if everybody had to slaughter and prep the animal for themselves (as we used to do some years ago), I believe a lot more people would become vegetarian. I thought that if I wouldn’t be able to kill an animal myself then what gives me the right to eat meat, just because someone else has done all the hard work for me.
3) There are so many good alternatives for meat nowadays and I wish I tried them lot sooner. I know people don’t understand why others become vegetarian just to go on and eat meat-free products which taste similar to meat but after eating meat for almost 20 years you’re accustomed to the taste and need something other than vegetables to make a nice chilli.
A lot of the meat-free alternatives are so good that a meat-eater wouldn’t know the difference. You can have the taste but not the guilt, and so that’s good enough for me.
4) I like animals. A lot. In fact I would say I relate more to animals, and find them more likable than humans. And so I guess you could say I felt like a bit of a hypocrite. I don’t think it’s right to call yourself an animal lover and yet eat meat. I know certain species are bred to be eaten but I feel like an animals life is worth more than a humans 30 minutes of fulfilment from eating it.
Also how do we draw the line? If somebody started breeding dogs or horses in the UK and then slaughtering them and selling them for meat here, can you imagine how much of an uproar there would be? I know these animals are more typical pets than sheep, pigs and cows but I fail to see how it’s any different.

Anyway my aim is not to sound preachy because if everybody became vegetarian, we might run out of vegetables. Also I’ve no right to preach to anyone about this because I used to eat meat myself, and I used to think vegetarians were crazy (now I just think vegans are). I understand that humans are a superior race and I suppose in a way we’ve earned our right to kill and eat what we want because we’re intelligent and we’ve managed to make the tools for it to be possible but that’s as a collective human race, not individually.
I also know it’s just the circle of life (and remembering about the circle of life is the only thing that keeps me from welling up every time a lion kills an antelope on a wildlife documentary) but all I’m saying is that eating meat is no longer for me and I wish I became vegetarian a long time ago.
I also want to say that if you’ve ever thought about being a veggie then just try it. You have to get a lot more creative with your meals but as a result you discover lots of nice, new things. And if you don’t like it, then just go back. No harm done.
What do I  miss the most? Bacon and seafood (the latter surprises me because I didn’t eat much of it when I was omnivorous) but the smell of bacon cooking is definitely the most torturous thing. Still, I haven’t caved and for that I’m proud of myself.

ChristmasAfter a few German carol singing sessions at work, I went home (back to the land where time stands still) for Christmas. It was nice to see the family and the cat and dogs again. Saw the Snowman and the Snowdog on Christmas Eve. The music doesn’t compare to “Walking in the Air” (waaay, I rhymed) but a good little film all the same.
I had a quiet one with my mum and my brother, visiting my dad and his girlfriend in the morning. It didn’t feel like Christmas. Partly because there was no snow but partly because the year had gone so fast. Also I guess Christmas loses it’s magic a bit as you get older and things change.
It was a Christmas of firsts. First proper Christmas in our wee flat and my first Vegetarian Christmas. It was pretty much like a normal Christmas meal but instead I had meat-free chicken and meat-free stuffing and then all the veggies on the side. It was good, except my veggie gravy was a bit salty.
Our Christmas begins with opening a stocking from “Santa” and then waiting until after Christmas dinner to open the presents under the tree, one by one. It makes the day last longer and is just a bit of a tradition amongst our family I suppose. We spent the night chilling out, watching films and eating stuff. I only had a couple of drinks.
I was truly spoilt (spoilt is a funny word. I think I’ve looked at it for too long) both with food and presents. A lovely day.

New Years EveI spent Hogmanay the same as the year previous, with Robin at his parents house (in another long-forgotten about, middle of nowhere place). Except this time I was laden with a nasty cold and so was glad to stay in and watch TV by the fire. It was still a wild night though. I drank a whole bottle of VK and we completed a Harry Potter PS3 game within 3 hours! Mental.
I stayed in Neverneverneverland for a few days (partly because buses are stupid during the festive period) and played board games with the other half and his parents, drank wine, and had lots of laughs. I’d like to thank them for putting up with me and for tending to my special needs (the need to not eat meat. I’m both mentally and physically sound…I think).

After a few days there it was home for a couple more before going back to Edinburgh and back to work (now a measly 2-3 shifts a week).
So I’m searching for a new job. Anything acting/modelling-based will do but of course I need a stable job that’ll pay me money too. I’m hoping to get more into the creative side of things this year and aim to do more acting and modelling. I’m also trying to write a book. I’ve been trying for ages. I always lose my motivation but I actually have an idea this time so you never know, it might just work.
Failing all this I’d love to do some animal sanctuary type work OR become a Nigella Lawson-esque chef. Watch this space.

In my spare time I’ve been watching Grey’s Anatomy, The Big Bang Theory, cleaning and becoming re-addicted to Skyrim. I need to get out more.
P.s- Life of Pi is an incredible film. It’s what 3D was made for. I highly recommend it. I also really recommend Skyfall.
P.p.s- If you like a laugh, then keep up to date with stand-up boyfriend Robin and his upcoming gigs.

See below a recent modelling photo for a Marie Antoinette themed shoot. Make-up by the fabulous Loren Owen.

I’m off now because I’m bored (and so, probably, are you).

Goodnight, g’day and arrivederci.x


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